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A free program for migrants who want to [re-]enter the tech industry as a:

⏵ Full-Stack Web Developer

⏵ User Interface Designer

Applications are closed

QUEST is a micro-credential program by CODE University of Applied Sciences. QUEST is co-funded by the Andreas Gerl Foundation. Learn more.












  • You have a migration history


  • You are a member of a community that is underrepresented in the German tech sector

  • You are facing particular obstacles that are preventing you from career success in Germany

What is life as a QUESTie like? Click here and find out!


  • A free, one-year program in Berlin

    Get certified micro-credentials
    No Bildungsgutschein needed

  • University Education

    Join our classes at CODE University of Applied Sciences and experience project-based learning.

  • Network & Community

    Become a part of the CODE and QUEST tech tribes! Work, and learn together at our state-of-the-art campus.

  • Career support

    One-on-one mentoring and complimentary workshops by former tech recruiter and job search coach Annie Li.

Click here and learn more about the curriculum!
“This program gave me the confidence to get back into the workforce and to change directions to my career.


What was a dream before is now turning into reality.”
– Sander Crotty (he/him) | 2022/2023 


We are on a QUEST to support migrants in their pursuit for a successful career in the German tech industry.

Safer Space

A safer space is one where people feel physically, emotionally and psychologically more secure. They feel valued and comfortable to be themselves. (Definition by Anisha Müller)

QUEST is committed to providing a safer space for all, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion (or lack thereof).

Read more about our commitment to creating an inclusive community in our FAQ.

One Year Program

Be our guest at CODE University of Applied Sciences for two semesters.

Onboarding: Meet your fellow QUESTers. Get to know your way around CODE.

Semester 1: Attend classes. Design and build portfolio-ready projects.

Semester 2: Consolidate your skills. Build your network. Find a job!

Admissions Timeline

The QUEST program will be discontinued after June 2024.



Who can apply?

We are on a QUEST to support migrants in their pursuit for a successful career in the German tech industry.

You are eligible if you:

  • Have a migration history 
  • Are a member of a community that is underrepresented in the German tech sector
  • Are facing particular obstacles* that are preventing you from career success in Germany
*Barriers and obstacles are by nature personal; therefore, we don’t define specific barriers. Instead, we invite you in the application to tell us about your challenges and why you believe that you are a great fit for QUEST.



In addition to that you must have:

  • A valid residency and work permit in Berlin*
  • Conversational English skills
  • 30hr/week on average depending on your skill level
  • Basic tech literacy and preliminary skills in your field of interest. Whether acquired through work experience, self study, university, bootcamp, etc. doesn’t matter.
*If your are in the process of applying for your residency/work permit please apply anyway. We need you to have those two papers by the beginning of the semester in September 2023.

Do I have to be in Berlin

Yes. To participate you have to be in Berlin for the duration of the program. There is no remote option.

Do I need any knowledge in tech?

Yes. Basic tech literacy is required. And any previous experience in your field of interest is a plus (the more the better)! Whether acquired through work experience, self study, university, bootcamp, etc doesn’t matter.

Do I need to speak German?

No. But you should be able to understand and communicate in English without problems.

Do you require proof of English language proficiency?

No. But you should be able to understand and communicate in English without problems.

If you are unsure about your level, we recommend just taking a chance and applying anyway. Your English doesn’t need to be perfect – we believe that you can improve your spoken and written language skills during the program. Bear in mind that the entire admissions process is in English and all communication with the QUEST team will be in English from the moment you apply to the moment to “graduate”.

Which documents do I need to apply?

During the application process we ask you to submit the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • A photo
  • A scan/photo of your residency and work permit in Germany/Berlin

-> We do not ask for any school, university or language certificates.

Read all FAQs
Alejandro Alvarez (he/him)2022/2023

It’s unbelievable, you do so much for us. You help us to get the tools we need to succeed. You’re always available. When I come to CODE, I feel like everyone does everything we need to thrive.

Dima Koushha (she/her)2021/2022

I got out of the program what I wanted — to learn typescript and get an internship, and I did that in 6 months. For me, it was really successful.

Walaa Ismael (she/her)2022/2023

I’m so grateful for this program. It really gives me so much motivation and hope that I can have a better future.

David Aina (he/his)2022/2023

I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible and I’m motivated to give back and support the community.

Estefanía Montenegro (she/her)2023/2024

QUEST is giving me the opportunity to learn things related to my previous studies in a safe environment to increase the possibility of finding a job. It is a kind opportunity to start all over again in another country.

Gayathri (she/her)2023/2024

A safe place where I can learn, read, talk and play with different people which is boosting my confidence!!!

K.G. (she/her)2023/2024

Quest is modern, inclusive, and downright enlightening. We're a mixed bunch, that vibe on so many levels, way beyond just geeking out on tech and code. This place is loaded with the latest gear and gives us the chance to dive into real work while we're still learning.

Application Process

Before starting your application, make sure to learn everything you need to know about the formal requirements to participate in QUEST and our admission process on 👉 our FAQs.

Applications are closed


Written application

Answer our questionnaire about your motivation, background, and professional goals.



+ Challenge

In the second stage we ask you to submit your CV, a photo and a proof of your work permit. You will also be asked to complete a challenge. This is your opportunity to show us that you have what it takes to make the most of your year at QUEST.



In the online interview we want to get to know you better, but this is also your chance to get to know us.



We will inform you in June whether you have been accepted into the program.

Our Mission

To support migrants in their quest for a successful career in tech, by equipping them with the networks, skills, and resources they need to thrive.

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QUEST is complemented by a series of talks, workshops and events.

Do you have relevant expertise or unique experiences? We’d love to invite you to share them with our participants!

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Planning to grow your team?

Consider offering an internship, traineeship or job to the QUEST participants and alumni.

Get in touch to discuss different options to access our diverse talent pool!

Become a changemaker!
Building on the foundation of Techstart, QUEST has evolved into its own entity over the past year, marking a new chapter in our journey. Now, in 2024, QUEST is ready for our next adventure. Join us as we continue to innovate and shape the future of tech.
If you’d like to get more of a feel for a day in the life of a QUEST participant, you can check out our flashback to Techstart onboarding week 2022 below, or visit the QUEST Instagram and LinkedIn pages.
A sneak peak inside our 2022 course.


QUEST is possible thanks to our co-funder, the Andreas Gerl Foundation. But turning it into the exceptional experience it is would not be possible without the contributions of our many partners and friends: Whether it is workshops, outreach, mentorship, job search support, networking, or events … thank you to everyone for supporting our QUEST.


We happily answer any questions about QUEST at CODE  – whether you’re interested in joining yourself, supporting us, or something completely different.

Reach out, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Program Manager

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Program Manager